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Birthdate:Jan 1
Location:California, United States of America
I'm an addict, and I'm here primarily because I have things to say about the experience. They aren't pretty but they are as real as it gets, and hopefully will serve as warnings to others who may think you're the boss of you, but some things are bossier than you, and take their time getting around to making sure you know it...usually by which time it's "Oh Frak" time.

I'm also funny, so don't be put off by that first part. A sense of humor, especially regarding one's own foibles, preserves sanity in the face of terrible circumstances.

Making music or painting or anything creative are also aspects of my personality that unfortunately I do not indulge enough in (as I live in a teeny tiny apartment in San Francisco with thin walls and a landlord who doesn't want paint on the carpet), but love to discuss.

I'm halfway through the new Battlestar Galactica series on DVD and am rabid about it. No spoilers please as I love to squirm, screech, leap up off the furniture and tear the stuffing out of my couch trying while trying to figure out who the next Cylon is, or witness when (blank) is discovered as a Cylon or when (blank) shoots (blank) point blank. Ahhh!!!

TV isn't my thing, but BSG must have taken a photograph of me because it seems to have captured my very soul.

Let's see, what else is boring enough to expose to the world at large...hmm...

I love lingerie, especially corsetry, and am a fairly decent photographer of such (and wearer). (Ok, TMI, right?) I also photograph bugs, flowers, and just plain people portraits, and then take them into Photoshop and have my way with them.

I love to cook; I am just learning and have a terribly finicky oven/stove that never has accurate temperature (I guess that's why they call it a 'range'?). :: cue laugh track ::

I also crochet, but can't figure out how to make the hundred fifty granny squares I made into a blanket that won't unravel the first time it's washed. It's a source of shame greater even than my drug addiction. I'm totally serious. I can't make a blanket.

And yes, I love lolcats. SILENCE! Lolcats are a perfectly legitimate way to waste hours of your work day, as is proven by the number of views on YouTube. Those numbers aren't all me. You know you love it too.
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